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Automobiles need a lot of care and attention. It is necessary to get the car serviced from time to time. No one likes to sit in a dirty car with tissues lying around and with seats that have coffee stains on them. A car must always be clean and should be sent to the workshop for cleaning and basic repairs from time to time. But maintaining a car isn’t cheap. Services and repairs cost a lot of money. No one wants to spend that much money every few weeks or months. If you are someone who wants to keep their car well maintained and clean but cannot afford to spend thousands all the time, Autowaves is the answer for you.

Autowaves is the leading multi-brand car service chain in the state of Rajasthan and offers exemplary car repair services across all major cities. But this isn’t the best part, apart from providing great services, Autowaves offers a car service discount coupons booklet wherein a total of 18 service coupons are offered at a small price of 1180 INR (tax included). This is the best way to save money and keep the car in great shape at all times.

Super saving discounts booklet

The coupons booklet offered by Autowaves has 18 coupons through which 6 different types of services can be availed in sets of 3. These include three coupons for complete car wash with zero labor fee. Then there are three coupons for paid services again with zero labor fee. Next comes three discount coupons for running repairs and other repairs at 25% less labor cost. The booklet has next three coupons for denting and painting where again 25% labor fee is slashed. The final six coupons entail three coupons for free A.C. checkup and three for free general check up.

The cost of labor at car service workshops is usually high and that is how the prices of car service and maintenance goes up. But not at Autowaves for almost all the services offered here are offered with zero or very less labor fee. We care about your car and your pockets too. If you care about your car, then all you need to do is login to Autowaves website, buy the coupons booklet, download the coupons through the website or the app and then all you need to do is redeem the coupons at the workshop. It is that simple.

Cars need maintenance and care and our team of skilled people do more than their best to give the best service experience to you and your car. We have pick up and delivery system so you don’t even have to move from the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Just relax and let Autowaves take care of all your car’s repair and cleaning needs. Buy the car service coupons today. Weekend it just around the corner. Get your beloved automobile fixed or washed from inside out.

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